Florence Nightingale

Please answer these questions:
1. How Florence Nightingale shaped the role and image of nursing?
2. How nurses today relate to Florence Nightingale?
3. How Florence Nightingale could become an inspiration to todays nurses?

Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

Answer the following questions and include a question of your own.
Q1: What negative consequences does Brutus warn of with regard to the necessary and proper clause and the supremacy clause of the proposed constitution? If he saw our republic, would he think he had good reason to fear?
Q2: Were the anti-federalists’ concerns about government productivity valid, regarding the people’s representatives being in constantly contentious situations with clashing opinions?

Beer School: Bottling Success at The Brooklyn Brewery

You have been given the assignment to read Beer School: Bottling Success at The Brooklyn Brewery. Upon completion of reading this informative book dealing with this real life rags to riches entrepreneurial endeavor, you are to complete a book review. The paper should consist of 5 to 7 pages (typed, double-spaced, font size no larger than 12 point) of comprehensive, quality discussion regarding the start-up and/or successes of Steve Hindy and Tom Potter. Included in the paper could/should be a brief discussion of the subjects, key players in their operations, stages that the business went through to get to become operational, management and leadership style(s), successes and failures, etc. A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE PAPER should be placed on the discussion of your thoughts, opinions, reactions, comments, and concerns regarding the material presented. Discuss what you liked, disliked, dispute, agree and disagree with, etc. Identify key points from the book that could provide guidance or assistance to a budding entrepreneur in their attempt at small business success. Complete the assignment with a discussion of what you gained from reading about these two entrepreneurs.

Please be comprehensive and thorough with your discussion, as this assignment will be assessed at 300 points. Please review the grading rubric in Canvas for expectations.

Policy Advancement for Children

Policy Advancement: Children/Youth Assignment.  Identify a policy or programmatic intervention that focuses on children or youth, and follow a typical assessment outline (that you learned in SW 581 Practice I), using the issue as the presenting concern and identify the shared needs of a population.  Make an assessment formulation of the policy need or intervention intention and then write a description of how a policy or intervention will address the needs of children represented in your assessment.  Select a theory and evidence based research intervention(s) and apply.  In the case plan, discuss steps towards implementation as well as obstacles to service delivery. Lastly, describe the mental health vulnerabilities for this population (consider diversity), and the protective factors that may offset risk. Last, use this opportunity to consider your experience in this developing this assignment.  Consider your social work role, and what you realized as you did this work.  Use this opportunity to practice professional self-awareness.  7-8 pages double-spaced.


Health Care Policy and Reform: Problem Assessment Assignment

Complete the problem assessment (about seven (7) pages plus references) on that issue/problem on ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE IN RURAL AREAS.
The paper should follow the format below:

Briefly define the issue/problem. Summary of the problem, including key data

Background and Problem Assessment
Background – (context and statement of the problems)
Describe the problem; identify the scale, extent, cost and impact of the problem on Alabama. Identify frequency, duration and severity of the problem.
If possible, identify the cause and effect of the problem
Include data on the problem/issue, how big is the problem, people, physicians, hospitals affected. Identify the size, scale, scope, incidence and prevalence of the problem. How does Alabama compare to other states or the national median? This will require research. The County Healthcare Rankings in the reference section below will be helpful.
The paper must be referenced to support the data provided.

Final statement of the problem – why is this a problem, summary data.

cyberbullying online learners and homeschooling

Please submit your bibliography presenting references and annotations for six articles related to your problem of study. These should be no older than five years, unless classic literature in the field is included. The annotations should follow the format in the Annotated Bibliography handout.

The articles should be scholarly, but can include government and foundation or professional organization reports.

Case Assignment

You will complete 2 Case Assignments from Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. You will answer the questions at the end of the case in 4–5 pages (double spaced), not including the title or reference pages. The Case Assignments must be written in current APA format. In addition to the Ferrell textbook, utilize outside sources on the case questions. All sources must be of a scholarly nature; the sources must be either textbooks or journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. At least 5 references are required in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. As this is a paper that requires research, it must be written in third person.

Case Assignment 2 can also be found in the Ferrell textbook. The case is Case 9, “Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse.” The paper must have at least 3 Level 1 headings that correspond to the following case points:

• How did the corporate culture of Enron contribute to its bankruptcy?
• In what ways did Enron’s bankers, auditors, and attorneys contribute to Enron’s demise?
• What role did the company’s Chief Financial Officer play in creating the problems that led to Enron’s financial problems?

Early Childhood

Read CHAPTER 4 (Early Childhood) of attached pdf textbook “Lifespan Development.” Create 15 multiple choice and 2 short answer questions that assess knowledge of the content based on that chapter. Include an answer key. Provide a grading rubric describing partial credit for the short answer questions. Use critical thinking to create good test questions based on best practices for question creation.

On the bottom of the page in a new paragraph (200 words), answer the following question. Why did you choose to ask these particular questions? What makes this content the most important information to assess?

No title page needed. No citations needed. The only source you need to use is chapter 4 from the attached textbook.

Federal Agency Appropriations and Expenses Trend Analysis with Excel Research Paper


Balancing revenue and allocations emphasizes theories of efficiency. Government stability and economic growth has positive impacts on budgets. Market fallacies such as rampant inflation and increased unemployment causes negative budgetary influences. Deficits typically represent a time period of one year. Conversely, government debt epitomizes ongoing liability over periods of years.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

Investigate and categorize theoretical, historical, political, and practical influences of public sector budgeting.
Evaluate and justify various governmental policies and the impact on public sector budgeting.
Construct and articulate major processes of literature to the study of public sector budgeting.
Synthesize a Judeo-Christian worldview with aspects of public sector budgeting.

WrCost Savings and Revenue Enhancementiter’s choice

This Discussion offers you the opportunity to apply return on investment (ROI) concepts in a real case scenario. As is often the case, technology offerings involve costs that must be justified by virtue of expense reductions for revenue increases in the organization. There are creative opportunities in the Discussion for leaders to facilitate the development of the revenues into the organization and operational changes that reduce expenses.

Scenario: Dynamic Health System is a 3-hospital, 500-bed system in the Midwest United States. This system employs 100 physicians, both primary care and specialists, in 12 physician practices. Dynamic also runs a center of excellence in orthopedic care for the large geriatric population in the area, including an outpatient rehabilitation facility that is currently profitable. Dynamic offers a full spectrum of medical and surgical services to their population with an emphasis on programs of excellence in orthopedic surgery, diabetes, and women’s care.

Dynamic’s typical patient mix is over 45% Medicare with another 35% private pay patients covered by three large insurance companies. Their Medicaid population is approximately 12%, with the reminder of patients self-pay.

Due to market forces, the three private payers have begun to implement a program of bundled payments for their members in the following areas: hip replacements, knee replacements, and lower back surgeries. In these models, Dynamic hospitals and employed physicians will be paid a fixed amount for an entire episode of care from pre- surgery evaluation, through surgery and post-surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Medicare is likewise proposing a pilot study for a population of hip replacement beneficiaries to assess the outcomes of care as opposed to procedure costs as a result of Dynamic’s petition to receive increased payments for beneficiaries due to age demographics and for being the only orthopedic geriatric center in 200 miles.

As a result of these factors and the aging HIT infrastructure, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Dynamic are proposing the purchase of a monolithic Electronic Health Record (EMR) solution that will provide complete online documentation, orders, pharmacy, labs, and patient portal for all hospitals and employed physician offices. Because the (1) physician offices are currently using Epic Corporation’s back office billing system with an outstanding record of accurate coding and short “days in Accounts Receivable” and (2) Epic’s EMR has a high ranking in industry HIT assessments, the executive team is proposing the purchase of Epic’s clinical EMR (documentation, ancillaries, orders, and patient portal).

The CFO is supportive but skeptical, as the Epic bid is approximately $1.5 M to implement the clinical software with a continued $300K per year in software maintenance and support. Current clinical technologies information systems are fragmented, disjointed, and don’t meet HITECH Meaningful Use requirements, and it will cost Dynamic about $200K per year to maintain the software and servers needed to run the system.

The local competitive landscape may be changing. Dynamic’s CFO is hearing rumors that an established academic system which is centered 300 miles away is possibly considering buying three local stand-alone surgery centers and hiring orthopedic surgeons. This academic center has published best practices in outcomes for surgery care in a recent CMS Medicare study that implies that they are delivering high quality and cost effective orthopedic care.

To prepare:

Carefully read the scenario and the Pro Forma Explanation Material in this week’s Learning Resources.
Develop a return on investment (ROI) strategy for the acquisition of a strategic HIT solution in which you consider 2–3 cost saving and/or revenue generating opportunities that you feel apply to Dynamic’s scenario.
By Day 3

A strategy for how Dynamic can pay for the newly proposed Epic system. Explain how the organization will save in operational expense in order to handle the extra 100K per year needed to maintain this solution. Provide a recommendation for how the hospital can use HIT solutions to generate new revenue. Also consider that if Dynamic issues a bond to pay for the $1.5 million implementation costs, likely the local rating agencies will want to see a documented 5–10% additional reduction in “hard line” operating expenses to assure Dynamic’s ability to pay off the debt. Given that over 60% of the operating budget is staff and physician salaries, explain what kinds of savings the best in class EHR offer will assure investors.