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A study on admixtures

This is the task i choose for the assignment : A study on admixtures and their effects on structural behaviour of fresh and hardened concrete.the assignment requirements and every thing is in the pdf file attached the maximum number of pages should be 10 pagesnote The CW proposal may include:CW inputs (given data): May be […]

Innovation in Construction Coursework essay

Its Innovation in Construction coursework and You can see all the details on the uploaded file & The Report should contain a minimum of 20 pages with the following sections: Cover Page Table of contents Proposal Introduction Main body of report Conclusions References in havard style   “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help […]

History essay

Mandatory question plus Select any four questions of your choice and ensure that you answer all parts of the question. Each answer should be at a minimum two- three page and doubled spaced. The average papers for all five-question range between 12-14 pages. You do have to cite your sources. I encourage you to use […]

political science writing -03

This week’s reflection is a really interesting exercise because it combines the material from all three weeks where we have been discussing democracy and institutions. Also, it might be a little longer than your previous reflections (3 pages) but don’t worry if it is a little longer. Also, refer to the Guided Reflection instructions and […]

Week 5 Discussions – 3rd Normal Form

3rd Normal Form 1.  For each of the following relations, indicate the normal form for that relation.  If the relation is not in third normal form, decompose it into 3NF relations.  Functional dependencies (other than those implied by the primary key) are shown where appropriate. a) CLASS(CourseNo, SectionNo)   b) CLASS(CourseNo, SectionNo, Room)   c) […]

Pharmacology week four Assignment

  A patient receiving morphine has an order for naloxone (Narcan) PRN. Why is the naloxone ordered? What are the indications for using this drug? Compare and contrast naloxone with other narcotic antagonists. Summarize your findings in an APA format. WANT AN ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION? We offer homework writing services with you in […]


1. According to “Are You a Leader or a Laggard?”, many firms are reluctant to move quickly toward more sustainable business practices due to a lack of:    a. interest by business stakeholders.    b. understanding of policies and actions needed.    c. financial payoffs from incorporating sustainable practices.    d. proof that the environment […]

Analyze, critically, your learning experience in relation to the MSN Program Student Learning Outcomes.

Paper instructions: Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that summarizes, analyzes, and evaluates the practicum experience and the achievement of your personal learning objectives in your Practicum Learning Agreement. Evaluate the effectiveness of the practicum project. Analyze, critically, your learning experience in relation to the MSN Program Student Learning Outcomes. Include how you incorporated and […]

Ransomware and Virus Protection

   You work as an information security specialist for a large financial company and your CISO has asked you to investigate the recent ransomware attacks. The CISO wants to ensure that the company is well protected against these types of attacks. Write a 4-page paper in which you answer the following:  1. Identify the common […]

Compare and contrast your own vision for the future of health care with what is currently occurring.

Compare and contrast your own vision for the future of health care with what is currently occurring.Professionalism is the assimilation of knowledge and nursing skills integrated with dignity and respect for all human beings incorporating the assumptions and values of the professions while maintaining accountability and self-awareness. This assignment critically analyzes how you incorporate these […]