How does the work?

Ordering a paper with is easy and quick. Once we assured that we have a writer to accomplish your paper, proceed with the payment, and wait for your assignment to be completed within the deadline you choose.

As soon as you can provide us with specific instructions and upload any of the required materials, you can start our ordering process by filling in the inquiry form.

Let us take a closer look at how our service works:

a) You fill the Order Form.

b) You fill out the data about yourself so we could create you an account.

c) You select whether to pay immediately, or wait until we have found a writer and pay afterwards.

After you have filled out the order form you will be automatically provided with your Personal Order Page, where you will be able to track the progress of your order to completion, upload any of the required materials, and send messages both to the writer and to the administrator.

Once your paper is completed it is sent to your Personal Order Page.

When your paper is complete you can find it at your Order Page. It will be there for you in a protected file, which you can only check through on the website, selecting “Preview my Order”. After you have reviewed the paper and it appears to match your needs, you may click “Accept Order” and gain access to the MS Word file immediately. If, for some reason you are dissatisfied with the paper and some alterations are required, you can use “Request Revision” button and indicate the time needed for its completion. Revisions are free of charge in accordance with our Revision Policy. All of the files sharing happens through the “Files” section of your Personal Order Page.

Is your service legal?

The main thing to understand while asking yourself whether our service is legal is to give yourself an answer whether learning is legal.

What is meant is that our service provides the same type of assistance you would get if, say, you asked for a help from a tutor, proficient in respective field of study.

Using our service is LEGAL and IS NOT prohibited by any university/college policies. We offer a product, which serves as a source, a raw material for your own paper, so it is in no way can be regarded as cheating if you provide proper reference to the original.

Additionally you must know that the paper you purchase from is your exclusive property, and you and only you have an access to it. It is completely up to you how to utilize it.

Can I be sure that my personal information is safe?

Our site security measures ensure any personal information you provide us is 100% confidential. Your personal information is only used to improve the quality of our service, to get in touch with you in case there are any issues with your order, and to verify your payment information. Your personal information is never given to any third parties. Our Customer Support Representatives will also use this information to contact you about any questions we may have pertaining to your paper, if necessary. For additional information about your privacy – please view our Security Policy page.

When will you finish writing my paper?

You decide the deadline. 24 hours is the earliest standard we can complete your order and make sure it’s of the highest quality. However, in a situation where you need the work to be done urgently, we can and will assist you. You just need to indicate the number of hours you have in the Order Form, and we will reply to you back within 10 minutes with the result of finding a writer. The time to your deadline will start as soon as you have made the payment and provided us with all the necessary materials and instructions. Please note that your deadline is only applicable to the first version of your paper, without revisions. Revisions usually take more time which is why our service recommends to have 5-7 days under your belt before the paper’s actual due date.

Who will write my paper?

All of our writers are experts in their respective academic and/or business fields with years of writing experience and have written numerous essays and reports prior to joining our service. They have been carefully screened and samples of their past work have been scrutinized by members of Quality Assurance Department, who are also experienced writers themselves.

Will I be able to contact my writer directly?

Yes. If you wish to contact your writer directly, feel free to use our messaging system it allows you to contact either our Customer Support Representatives or your writer any time you want. Just look up your order number in the control panel and choose the person to whom you want to send a message. For your convenience, you will receive a notification to your e-mail about every new message.

Are your works plagiarism-free?

Yes. All our works are 100% original and properly cited according to your instructions. In order to ensure that there is no unsanctioned copying of the text in your paper, we use our partner’s website where we check all our projects for plagiarism. You can be sure our Plagiarism Free Guarantee is not something we take lightly and we will do all we can to maintain your trust and loyalty.

Will I have to pay for the title page and bibliography?

No. They are provided for free. For example, when you order a 4-page paper, you will receive 6 pages in total: 5 pages for the body of the paper, then the title page and the reference page. These pages will not be included into your final cost.

Which formats do you provide?

We are fully aware of the fact as well as understand that the way and manner in which your completed paper is presented plays an essential role on how you are graded, hence our papers are formatted in accordance with your requirements and instructions completely free of charge. Our paper presentation formats include Chicago, Harvard, APA and MLA referencing styles. If formatting instructions are not provided by you, the customer, then our standard formatting style of MLA, 12pt Arial with double spacing and 1-inch margin will be used. Please note that regardless of whatever format you request, all pages will be double spaced by default and an average page will consist of 275 word count.