Philosophy:Argumentative essay

This assignment is an argument paper. Not argument as in yelling at someone, but taking a viewpoint and
supporting it with reasoning and evidence. An argument is a reasoned defense of some claim or
position. You are going to choose a viewpoint and support it with reasoning and evidence. For example, if
you choose #1 below take a position such as, “Soccer players are the best athletes” and then give reasons
why (see the possible topics below). You’re going to use a mixture of rhetoric (reasons that appeals to
personal feelings, emotions or beliefs) and logic (reasons that should hold for anyone, anywhere). You can
talk about your own experience and discussions with other people, but you’re required to use at least
THREE outside source for facts or data. Internet sources are okay – see below under “Sources.”
Be sure to define important terms like “best,” “too much,” or “improve.” Do not include extraneous
information that doesn’t directly support your argument.
You must pick a topic from the following:
1. Which sport has the best athletes?
2. Which college major is better: one that pays the bills or one that you are passionate about?
3. Does Star Wars or Star Trek provide a more realistic portrayal of how the world really works?
4. Should companies market to children?
5. Should junk food should be banned from campus?
6. Are high-paid actors and/or athletes paid too much?
7. Is happiness the most important purpose in life?
8. Is there progress in art?
9. Can computers be creative?
10. Is it always better to have more choices?
There are no right or wrong answers to these questions – none of these topics can be decided strictly by an
appeal to empirical evidence (verifiable by observation or experience). They are all debatable by people
who would reasonable argue for one side or the other. Nonetheless, you are going to make a claim one way
or the other and provide rhetorical and logical reasons why your claim is correct.
Format requirements:
1. Your paper needs to be at least 500 words (at least 2 pages), double-spaced, 12-point Times New
Roman font. Your paper should have an introduction paragraph.
2. Your paper should be organized, clear, accurate, relevant and logical and use correct grammar and
spelling. Be careful of cliched writing and don’t include extraneous information in your paper.
Sources: You must use at least THREE quality sources from the internet. You should use your research in
your paper. You should explicitly cite your sources in your paper. Do some google searches.
Wikipedia (or any online encyclopedia) is an okay place to start, but do NOT ever cite Wikipedia as a
source in any form of academic writing. Do not cite from a blog or personal web site. Use legitimate
online news or sources like The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, ESPN, or any academic source.
You should have a “Sources cited” section after your concluding paragraph where you list all the
sources (two minimum) that you used in the paper. Keep the citation format simple: for each source
list the title, author and date. If you’re using a web page list the title, author, web address and date you
retrieved it.
Do not copy and paste from any source. This is plagiarism. When you use someone else’s idea or data to
support your viewpoint, put it in your own words and cite the source of the idea. Your assignment will
be checked by in Canvas. Turnitin detects all cases of cut and paste plagiarism.

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